My Word for 2018

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My Word for 2018
My Word for 2018

Hi party people! Happy 2018!

That was a doozy, huh?? With all the extras added to our schedule over the holiday season, including hosting Christmas morning for my big ol’ family, I had to let some things go. Unfortunately that meant blogging, but I definitely missed you guys!

I hope your holidays were the perfect kind of crazy. My kids were banananuts beginning around December 1, so it felt like a loooong month. Way overstimulated, way oversugared and way overgifted (#brats). I mean I love ‘em, BUT MAN. I’m ready to not be screaming, cooking, shopping, or broke.


January is especially exciting around these parts because it marks one year since Mind Over Momma launched. Hip hip hooray! What a huge milestone for someone who wasn’t sure she’d make it through the next hour, much less be able to help other mommas for an entire year. It’s been so humbling and fulfilling to share this space with you, and I am more motivated than ever to grow our community in the year ahead. Thank you SO MUCH for sticking around for the ride!

I always like to think of a word for the new year that encompasses my upcoming goals and visions. Last year, my word was reckless. Probably sounds a little weird, but 2016 was a year of complete stripping away. I had a nervous breakdown fueled by massive anxiety that led to serious depression. And at the heart of anxiety is fear—a total overwhelming terror of “what if???”

I existed from moment to moment afraid of what might come next. What if I woke up with anxiety, what if it never went away, what if I missed my children’s lives, what if my husband became tired of taking care of me, what if I can’t work like this, what if something happens to my kids, what if my family would be better off without the burden of caring for me, what if, what if, what if…

But in 2017, I began to come out of the fog. I decided that fear would not dictate my choices or my life. So I committed to saying yes in a reckless way to things that scared me. The results? I went to New York City with my husband and had one of the best trips of my life.

I started a web site that gave the ugly details of my battle with postpartum anxiety and depression but connected me with women who shared their stories with me. I sat across from friends and strangers-turned-friends this year to talk about some of the most personal, scariest moments in our lives.

I became a Kaiya Designs rep and waded into the terrifying, obnoxious world of “sales,” which has helped me and my partner raise over $1,000 for women with maternal mental health disorders.

I applied for a job and sat down for a real face-to-face interview for the first time in about seven years.

I started wearing wide leg pants. Pajamas, guys. They feel like pajamas.

I joined a Bible study, I began working in our church nursery, I helped launch our church’s blog, and I volunteered at Feeding Tampa Bay.

This list, if I’d read it in December of 2016, would seem like someone else’s life. A life that I would LOVE, but not one that I was able to attain from within the confines of all that fear.

In 2016 I planted the seeds for a brand new life. In 2017, I want to CULTIVATE that life.

I discovered the things I am deeply passionate about and began working for them. This season feels like the time to pursue consistency despite any waning motivation, to establish dedicated time and space to work for my goals, to invest in the people and causes and dreams that matter most.

As we move further into the year (ahem, when my children go back to school), I’ll create specific numbers and goals that align with that vision to cultivate the good things in my life.


What about you? Do you have a word for 2018? Goals? Was 2017 difficult for you? What was your greatest success and greatest challenge? My greatest success was being able to say yes in the face of fear. My biggest challenge continues to be exercising. 

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