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Now that that’s out of the way, here is a timely little roundup of some of the best tweets about winter break.

My favorite: “Winter break preparation consists mostly of having kids practice getting breakfast without an adult. Basically, a fire drill for my sanity”

Too true, too true.

I don’t consider it “neglect” to let my 5-year-old make her own waffles so much as preparing her for college life.

Super Metabolism

This weekend we attempted one of those can-be-a-mega-success-or-blazing-failure type of excursions. We took the kids to Marvel Universe Live, a live performance with all the Marvel characters, like Spider Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Asher has been obsessed with superheroes lately, and Addison has played along like a tolerant big sister, though always insisting she is BatGIRL or SuperGIRL.

So we sit down in our awesome seats three minutes before the show starts, congratulating ourselves for being on time. Addison takes a look around and declares, “I’m hungry.” To be fair, it had been a full 25 minutes since she ate anything, so naturally she was on the brink of starvation. We were able to distract her insatiable, life-threatening hunger until the show started.

And what do you know, they loved it! And by “they,” I mean all of us because Clayton was basically in tears at that final Hulk smash and I was all about the female superheroes being some of the most powerful. And thanks to some $40 intermission popcorn, both kids maintained their blood sugar and sanity until the final moments of the show.

We even felt so invincible that we grabbed lunch and played at the park with friends afterwards. Holy victory!

Addison and I dropped the boys off at home and headed to a birthday party for her school bestie. She fell asleep on the way there but man can those kids rally hard for a slice of Papa John’s. It was literally a four-minute swing from REM sleep to cartwheeling off a trampoline. I’d already been social for like five hours that day, so in true introvert fashion I tried to avoid most conversation. Until one mom asked if I was ready for school to start and I sobbed uncontrollably into her shoulder sputtering, “Yes, I am.” Can’t wait to not get invited to any more parties this year!

Spoiler: It was my kid

On Sunday I was reminded of my fatal mistake to volunteer in the toddler room at church. There were four toddlers, but the room looked like a category 4 hurricane blew through during church, spewing goldfish and socks and diapers and plastic fruits to all four corners of our land. I won’t name names, but someone’s kid had a blowout in the first five minutes and decided to take every storage bin and dump it out just for kicks. Absolutely zero interest in playing with any of the toys, just interested in making Mommy look like an unfit volunteer. We had to cut out of there before I was gently relieved of my duties or someone asked me to sweep.

Then it was date night! Clayton and I have been slacking in scheduling date nights, making Sunday night a rare treat. Speaking of treats, we saw “Star Wars” and Clayton surprised me with chocolate contraband to stuff in my purse. Can we say romantic?! Chocolate is my love language.

And here we are, back to normalcy and routine, watching “The Bachelor” and confirming the latest possible time I can pick up my son from preschool. Don’t judge. I have to say, for someone who typically rebels against schedules, I am relieved to get back to mine.


What about you? Are you ready for normalcy after the holidays or are you forced back into regular life begrudgingly?  

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