Five Things Friday
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Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday
Five Things Friday

It’s actual real winter here, guys! 27 degrees. My children do not have winter clothes that fit them, so I’m basically piling four long-sleeve t-shirts on them with a jacket on top. Seems sufficient, no?

Besides loving the not-80-degree weather, here are a few other faves from this week.

Memory Lane

My parents brought over some old artifacts that no one knows what to do with at this point, and I found some gems in the stack. I especially love this list, apparently written in the midst of an earth-shattering fight with my bestie, Leah. (Check #3 and #6.)

Another Date with My Best Gal

After I picked up Addison Tuesday, we ran some errands that turned into frozen yogurt and chatting on lounge chairs. She is a curious, goofy, sweet kid. I love learning more about how her little mind and heart work.


Vision Board
Ok. This is admittedly way more self-helpy and Oprah-y than I normally am, but this week I went to a vision board party. A friend hosted a bunch of women at her house, gave us glue sticks and magazines, and off we went. It was 10th grade scrap booking all over again. It felt a little silly at first, and I’m still not sure of the long-term merit of cutting out feel-good words, but I guess we’ll see come next December.

Same Same

All Day E’rryday
The superhero obsession is real. Also, curls.


Have a SUPER weekend!

Do you make a vision board or something similar? Did I do it right?? What is a current kid obsession in your house?

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