At Least We Tried: Weekend Recap

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At Least We Tried: Weekend Recap
At Least We Tried: Weekend Recap

So much blind ambition. So many kids. So much regret.

This weekend was an exercise in parenting resilience. On Friday morning I took Asher to meet some buddies at the outlet mall because his feet have doubled in size in two months. Normal. My friend’s mom was there serving as universal grandma buying snacks and train rides, so that outing was a roaring success. It’s possible I got a little cocky.

Friday night my friend and I decided, let’s kick it up a notch. We took four kids sans husbands to dinner at a decently nice restaurant. There was a 45-minute wait. I’m not sure what we envisioned, maybe the children calmly catching up about their weeks at an appropriate volume while the moms daintily sipped on wine and savored a fancy meal, other patrons silently nodding their approval at our mastery of child-rearing as we haughtily tipped our glasses in their direction.

None of that happened. The kids were restless and loud and did they mention THEY WERE HUNGRY! THEY WERE THIRSTY! I crossed a line and made one of the kids cry when I joked I’d ordered pizza with extra broccoli. #auntoftheyear

Drinks spilled, babies cried, kids refused to eat, dinners got cold, one gal melted down on the way back to the car and refused to walk. Don’t worry, I eventually regained the use of my legs.

I drove away somehow entirely sober yet still dazed and glassy-eyed, not sure what had just taken place. Did I eat? Did I just spend $40 to not eat? Has it been 20 minutes or three days? I had no answers. Apology texts were sent, morale-boosting “we’ll get ‘em next time” sentiments were shared.

And then bam! “Next time” became the next morning when we somehow forgot everything that had transpired in the previous 12 hours (I swear I was sober) and decided to take these kids to the zoo! Because IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN.

Our zoo outing consisted of three adults managing five kids. That’s a seemingly solid ratio for an easily controlled activity. But guys. We got our asses handed to us by these children. They were too smart, too whiny, too demanding, too numerous, too fast, too bored, too addicted to ice cream.

We could not hang. At least one of us required booze by the time we made it to Africa. I don’t know what it was about this particular Saturday – it wasn’t hot or terribly overcrowded – that did us in, but after three hours we looked like Walking Dead extras.

Even my favorite safari ride got nixed because there was no conceivable way we could all wait in line for 45 minutes. I think that was the clear moment we all just gave up on the weekend. I mean, we showed up to church and fed our kids or whatever, but that was the extent of our engagement after the shameful, exhausted trudge away from the safari line. We had nothing left to give these small humans.

But, you know, we gave it a go, right? And that safari ride has my name all over it when we go back. (In, like, three to four months.)


How did your weekend shake out? Any victories or awful mom fails?

  • Emily Jadoun says:

    I keep meaning to tell you that I love your blog (I love it so much!), and this post is my favorite one so far. I relate 100% to all of these experiences, haha… and yet, for some reason I keep leaving my house with children in tow.

    • says:

      Thank you SO MUCH Emily! I am very grateful that you’re following along. There is serious short-term memory lapses every time I think, “This will be the trip that we nail it.” We do not nail it…ever.

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