What's happening here?

Hi friends! I’m Natalie, the creator of Mind Over Momma. I’m a wife to my hunky blue-eyed best friend and momma to a precocious, sassy kindergartner and rambunctious, adventurous toddler.

After my own struggles with anxiety, depression and general questions of identity after having children, I felt duped. I had mothers and grandmothers and friends talk to me about sleep deprivation and poop disasters, colic and crying it out, epidurals and home births. But no one ever mentioned one of the hardest and most profound challenges of becoming a mother: the battle with your own mind. You can read more about my personal story here.

This space was created as a place for you to have the conversations I wish I’d had. For you to say the things I wish I’d said sooner. It’s a safe haven for us to discuss the uncomfortable, confusing, isolating thoughts of new (or not so new) motherhood.

This site is here for women experiencing postpartum mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, panic and OCD.* But it’s also here for any mom who is struggling to remember or reconnect with herself.  I want you to know that it’s okay to want more for yourself than being a mom. And it’s okay if being a mom is completely fulfilling to you on its own. Every experience with motherhood is different, and every experience is ENOUGH. You are enough, momma.

So grab a cup of coffee–decaf is accepted here, I see you anxious mommas!–and take a few minutes to join our conversation. I hope that it helps you feel less alone, more understood and completely welcomed. I am so glad you are here.

If you want to add to the conversation, email me at mindovermomma (at) gmail (dot) com.

*Please note: I am not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, physician or personal trainer. I am sharing my own journey with anxiety and depression. If you think you may be experiencing a postpartum mood disorder, please seek help from a medical provider.