Maternal Mental Health Movement
Join me in supporting mommas battling postpartum depression and anxiety through Kaiya Designs.

When I was deep in the throes of my anxiety, not leaving the house, racked with panic, there was so little hope. It was nearly impossible to imagine the next day or the next week, much less finding a life outside of that pit. I was terrified that living like that was my new normal, that I’d have to grit my teeth and force myself every day to get out of bed, to take care of my kids, to go through the motions of my life.

One piece of motivation I clung to was the possibility of using my story to help other women. My postpartum depression and anxiety completely blindsided me. I didn’t know what it was, what was happening or what to do about it. But I knew I didn’t want other moms to feel the overwhelming fear and isolation that I did.

When I began to feel less weighed down by my anxiety, I felt the very distinct pull toward my cause: maternal mental health. And that’s when Mind Over Momma was born.

Over the past year, I also had the privilege of meeting Marcy Budwick, the CEO and founder of Kaiya Designs. Can we stop here and talk about the Karen pants for just a sec? I see you rolling your eyes, and I get it. But trust me when I say these are the new mom uniform. They are MORE comfortable than yoga pants – hello totally soft waistband – and come in a ton of fun prints. They stay put, they hold up at the playground, the grocery store, church, brunch, date night and lunch at school with your five-year-old (true story!).

Okay, sorry, got a little off track. Once I tried KD clothes, I was hooked. I was a customer for several months before my friend Leah mentioned the Kaiya Designs ambassador program. As soon as she explained it, I wanted in. Like, in an obnoxious, seriously-give-me-all-the-details, this is made for me kind of way. And now, I am officially a Kaiya Designs ambassador partnering with my dear friend Leah.


Here’s how it works:

  • Every KD ambassador backs a movement. Leah and I are championing Maternal Mental Health.
  • For every purchase made under our movement, $11.11 will go toward maternal mental health initiatives, including providing scholarships for counseling for women dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety.

If you’re local to Tampa Bay, the Kaiya Designs studio is in Land O’Lakes. You can make an appointment online (or just let me know when you can come in, and I’ll take care of it). I’ll join you because, well, shopping duh, and you’ll get measured right there to make sure your pieces fit perfectly. Everything will be tailored to you, and you can either wait for the pieces that day or receive a notification when they’re ready.

It’s pretty simple and pretty amazing. You like the clothes? You buy the clothes. Moms get help. Period.

Another huge benefit of joining the KD team is becoming a part of this big, fiery community. Each of the ambassadors is a strong, passionate woman working for an incredible cause. We are cheering for each other, not competing against one another. If you’d like to join the tribe, I can add you to our Movement for Maternal Health Facebook group. We share resources, ideas, and outfit inspo. But even more, we want to be the support system women and moms may need to finally ask for help if they are struggling. We want to create a safe space where it’s okay to not be okay.

Thanks for letting me share this opportunity to continue helping mommas in a tangible way. Please let me know if you have any questions about the movement, the clothes, or the people. I am so excited for all that is to come!

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